sensfix is always on the move, championing innovation and leading the charge in the smart energy sector. This past October, we had the incredible opportunity to showcase our passion and progress on a grand scale.

From October 3rd to 5th, sensfix was privileged to be a part of the illustrious Initiate! Program during The European Utility Week held at RAI Amsterdam. This program, established in 2014, is an ambitious global endeavor aimed at propelling the next wave of energy entrepreneurs into the limelight. By fostering collaborations between startups, seasoned professionals, public sector visionaries, investors, and more, Initiate! stands as a beacon for cutting-edge energy solutions.

The European Utility Week itself is a grand convergence of the smart utility community. A staggering 12,000 attendees gather annually, ranging from network operators, consultants, vendors, startups, to system integrators. The event is a hub for knowledge exchange, focusing on a multitude of areas, such as Grid Optimisation, Renewables, Energy Storage, Smart Metering, and the expansive domain of Smart Cities, Homes, and Intelligent Buildings.

This year, sensfix stood among 49 other groundbreaking startups from across Europe, showcasing the solutions we believe are set to reshape the future of the industry. To share the stage with other prominent Rockstart Smart Energy 2017 startups like OneWatt, SunData, Efficiator, Hero Balancer, and Bamomas was both an honor and a testament to the strides we’re making in the energy world.