The integration of information and communication technology with the traditional distribution grid has been critical in allowing for the increased integration of renewable energy sources and maximizing energy efficiency opportunities. The acceleration initiative, coordinated by energy producer EDP, is focused on energy innovation and important industry developments like decarbonization, decentralization, and digitalization. Here at EDP program, a brand-new energy world is evolving, powered by a multitech strategy supported by emerging IoT, machine learning, and big data technologies, to provide service, comfort, mobility, sustainability, and economic value.

The program’s goal is to provide entrepreneurs with tools to assist them in accelerating their companies, developing new business and growth prospects, and building their businesses through open innovation. Over the previous five years, the EDP program has operated many programs across the world, generating €40 million in sales.

Sensfix is thrilled to have been chosen from hundreds of applicants to participate in a collaborative Proof-of-Concept within the EDP corporate innovation initiative. We are delighted to have the chance to join a program with big expansion plans, and we eagerly await their implementation.