sensfix was named one of the top 100 most innovative companies in the asset management industry, along with names like Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, and PayPal. Daily Finance’s “Top America Asset Management Companies” rating considered variables such as innovation potential, growth strategy, management, and social effect to identify firms employing cutting-edge asset management solutions.

Asset managers view technology, data, and digital skills as differentiators. Asset management firms engage in digital tools, technology, and apps to reduce operating costs and improve the client experience. Asset management software’s digital features often allow setup for diverse groups of users – to support investment processes, regulatory reporting, performance monitoring, and risk management.

Portfolio management and investment decision-making benefit from the use of artificial intelligence, sophisticated analytics, and big data, which allow for process optimization and cost reduction. Cloud computing and machine learning have the potential to revolutionize everything from data processing to decision-making. AI and cloud-based solutions provide a plethora of services that improve asset management organizations’ offerings. We are pleased that sensfix digital services for the automation of O&M operations in commercial and industrial facilities have gained attention, and we look forward to defining the asset management industry’s future in the next years. We are honored to be included on such a list, and we hope to develop in the future.