The National Centre for Research and Development announced completionof the evaluation of applications submitted in the second round of recruitment, which lasted from April 13 to May 4, 2021 under the competition “Fast Track” (Polish: Szybka Ścieżka). As part of the above-mentioned round, 1038 applications were submitted. By September 20, 2021, 455 applications had been assessed and in accordance with the ranking list approved on September 24, 2021, 134 projects were selected for co-financing, for the total amount of co-financing PLN 570 126 427.09. Sensfix company has been selected (see the 134th position in the following LINK) to obtain funding of PLN 9,812 325, while the total value of the project is set to PLN 12 842 000.00 (US$ 3.26 million). The project will respond to the following needs of customers from the Oil & Gas, production, facility management and energy sectors:
  • comprehensive real-time support in managing O&M services, including those last mile activities and operations  that have been ignored so far
  • reduction of the risk and costs of implementing Industry 4.0 resulting from the lack of appropriate personnel to handle upcoming advanced technologies.
The result of the project will be the automation of activities performed (so far manually) by O&M managers, providing more accurate input to service management, as well as streamlining failure management and planning of repairs and maintenance of machines and devices. About the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR): The Centre is an executive agency within the meaning of the Act of 27 August 2009 on Public Finance, operating on the basis of the Act of 30 April 2010 on the National Centre for Research and Development and the statute attached to the regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 9 September 2010 on the statute of the National Centre for Research and Development. NCBR is a centre for supporting and developing innovative technological and social solutions, creating an ecosystem of knowledge of, and information about, innovation. It organises and implements undertakings contributing to the civilization growth of the country. NCBiR uses the best practices (like from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency in the USA) in managing the process of financing R&D works based on the idea of problem-driven research. The aim of NCBiR’s initiatives is to support the creation of solutions and technologies increasing the competitiveness of the Polish economy, as well as strengthening cooperation between Polish business and science. You can read more on our dedicated subpage –here.