In September 2023, Sensfix had the opportunity to showcase its groundbreaking innovations at the prestigious Gastech Singapore Expo. We introduced a ground-breaking “Do-It-Yourself Digital Maintenance Platform” for Oil & Gas, offering a sneak peek into the future of enhanced control and operational efficiency in asset management. The platform is composed of specialized IoT sensors, AI-enabled cameras, computer vision, and multimodal-AI rules, delivering digital maintenance solutions that redefine operational control and efficiency. It successfully integrates the latest in Cloud, RPA, IoT, and AI technology, all streamlined for the next generation of asset management in Oil & Gas.
The seamless integration and packaging of these cutting-edge technologies are causing a shift; many asset managers are making the shift to our Sens-Gas Suite from their current CMMS, FSM, or SLM tools. Our solution is conceived and constructed by Operations & Maintenance Managers for the Operations & Maintenance ecosystem, providing a trimmed-down, yet advanced solution meticulously stitched with the latest technologies.
Enhanced Site Security Our platform offers robust security solutions through facial detection and driver monitoring, ensuring high levels of safety during operations. Smart monitoring is a keystroke away with our map view interface for real-time station-tracking, providing an in-depth overview of all stations. It’s complemented by in-vehicle driver behavior analysis, a critical component in maintaining high safety standards, optimizing transportation processes, and improving operations.
Integrated Data Management We bridge the gap between unconnected data inputs and digital asset management, converting paper-based reports, LCD screens, bar codes, and image analytics into searchable and easily accessible digital assets. This streamlining of information access and management is one step towards ensuring that essential information is neither lost nor hard to retrieve.
Multimodal AI Rules and Automated Decisions Multimodal AI processes like text, image, audio, and video form a layered, multifaceted approach to data interpretation and operational responses. It empowers automated decision-making driven by different incoming data types, ensuring timely and context-specific responses to operational requirements.
Next-Generation Maintenance Sensfix is pioneering the concept of self-maintenance by assets. Our platform allows assets to self-schedule and self-dispatch using intelligent algorithms to initiate real-time service tickets, pointing towards a future where machines handle their maintenance schedules.
Wrapping Up Our participation at the Gastech Singapore Expo was a significant milestone. The innovations we showcased are set to revolutionize digital maintenance, making Sensfix a key player in driving the industry forward. Our mission is to deliver enhanced control & operational efficiency to asset managers around the globe, redefining the standards of asset management in the Oil & Gas sector.