Sensfix, a trailblazer in digital maintenance and IoT solutions, geared up for an exhilarating showcase at the Fly Asia event, held from October 5th to 8th at Busan Bexco. Amid a pool of promising startups, Sensfix has not only secured a spot to exhibit but has also been distinguished as one of the top 50 companies chosen for pitching.
Fly Asia 2023: A Launchpad for Innovators Fly Asia has rapidly carved a niche for itself as a must-attend startup event, providing a dynamic platform for budding ventures to present their innovations, network with industry veterans, and gain invaluable exposure. This year, the event had an eclectic mix of startups, venture capitalists, and industry professionals, making it a melting pot of ideas, collaboration, and opportunities as well.
Sensfix in the Spotlight Being selected as a top 50 pitching company is no small feat, and Sensfix seized this opportunity. With a proven track record of pioneering innovations in digital maintenance using IoT and multimodal AI technology, Sensfix captivated the Fly Asia audience with its unique offerings and vision for the future.
In addition to the pitching session, Sensfix showcased its groundbreaking solutions at its exhibition booth. Attendees experienced the capabilities of Sensfix’s technologies, engaged with our team, and explored potential collaborations.
Looking Back The Fly Asia event represented more than just an opportunity to pitch and exhibit. It was a testament to Sensfix’s commitment to innovation, growth, and creating solutions that resonate in today’s digital age. As Sensfix continues to soar to new heights, participation in such esteemed events reinforces our position at the forefront of the tech startup ecosystem.
Thank you to everybody who joined us at Busan Bexco to experience the future of digital maintenance and IoT solutions.