In a remarkable display of innovation and industry collaboration, Sensfix participated in the much-anticipated Telco Cloud Partner Workshop & Start-up Pitching Competition at Network X on Thursday, October 26. The event, held from 1:00 pm to 2:40 pm in Workshop A, was a convergence of thought leaders, innovators, and decision-makers from the telecom sector, all gathered with a common goal: to drive forward the transformation of telecommunications through cloud technology and innovative solutions.

A Gathering of Telecom Innovators

The workshop featured a star-studded panel of industry experts, including Arek Skiba from Deutsche Telekom, Francois Jezquel of Orange Fab France, and our very own Iwona Skowronek, VP of Operations at Sensfix. These industry stalwarts were joined by a distinguished jury comprising leaders from Match-Maker Ventures, Deutsche Telekom, and Orange Fab France.

Pitching for the Future

Sensfix was honored to be among the six start-ups selected to pitch our innovative solutions tailored for the telecom industry. Iwona Skowronek took the stage and delivered an impactful presentation, showcasing how Sensfix’s cutting-edge technology and services can revolutionize telecom operations and maintenance. The session was both insightful and engaging, sparking lively discussions and questions from the jury and audience alike.

Collaboration and Learning

This workshop was not just a platform for pitching; it was a valuable opportunity for learning and collaboration. Produced and delivered by Match-Maker Ventures, the session facilitated meaningful interactions between start-ups and established corporations, paving the way for potential partnerships and collaborative ventures.

A Step Towards Transformation

The theme of the event, ‘Telco Transformation,’ resonated strongly with Sensfix’s mission and vision. We believe in the power of technology to transform industries, and this event was a testament to the shared commitment across the telecom sector to innovate and evolve.

Get Involved

Were you unable to attend the workshop? Fret not! You can still get involved and stay updated with the latest in telecom innovations. Visit our website at Sensfix and explore how we are contributing to the transformation of the telecom industry.
Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Sensfix, and together, let’s shape the future of telecommunications!